Welcome to WhirlCam!

Whirlcam.com is an online webcam website that matches strangers from around the world together for live video conversations. Visitors to the website communicate with other visitors, who are chosen at random.

Visitors are mixed up, or "whirled" around, hence the name whirlcam. At any time, either person can leave the current conversation by simply hitting "Next", to choose another partner in the whirl of live cams.

(coming soon is a feature that will eliminate the need to hit next, and automatically be whirled to the next conversation, if selected)

Why WhirlCam?

Let's say you're a bouncer at strip club in East Saint Louis who wants to share his drunken exploits with the world, or, maybe you and your friends want to perform your own version of Anna Kendricks song "Cups (When I'm Gone)" in front of a live person, or people.

Before Whirlcam.com, there were consequences for uploading your antics to the web (ugly YouTube comments, the possibility that people will make fun of your dancing in the rain video for years to come).

Plus, it's just plain easy. Always a fun adventure, never the same experience. You never know who you might run into.

It's common that many famous actors, actresses, and musicians go to whirlcam.com to randomly meet with fans, as as make new buddies who never knew each other existed.

Whirlcam.com makes it easy by providing the opportunity to act like a wild (or anything else you wish to be) person online while still remaining anonymous.

Just click Next when you're done entertaining (or alternatively gaping at) your current whirlcam.com buddy, and here comes a new person for you to amuse.

Always improving!

Here at whirlcam.com, we are always working on ways to improve your experience. If you have any suggestions, or any ideas that would make it a better experience, please feel free to shoot them to us via email, or better yet, find us on cam!